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Groups Housing

Discover the ultimate group accommodation experience. Our spacious, well-equipped apartments are designed for your short/mid/long-term stay needs. With a variety of buildings and apartment sizes, we ensure that everyone in your group has a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our dedicated team is committed to making your stay seamless, from the moment you book to the time you check out.

Embracing Community Living: Exploring Groups Housing in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, often referred to as the "Mediterranean Capital of Cool," is a vibrant and bustling city that attracts people from all corners of the world. With its stunning beaches, rich cultural scene, and thriving tech industry, it's no wonder that Tel Aviv is a popular destination for expats, students, and young professionals alike. In recent years, a unique housing trend has emerged in the heart of this city – Groups Housing.

What is Groups Housing?

Groups Housing, also known as coliving or cooperative housing, is a modern housing solution that fosters a sense of community while providing individuals with a comfortable and affordable place to live. In Tel Aviv, this trend is gaining momentum, offering an alternative to traditional housing options.

Advantages of Groups Housing in Tel Aviv

1. Affordability: The cost of living in Tel Aviv can be high, especially in desirable neighborhoods. Groups Housing offers a more budget-friendly option, as residents share expenses such as rent, utilities, and communal spaces. This can be particularly appealing to students and young professionals looking to make the most of their resources.

2. Community and Networking: Tel Aviv is a city known for its networking opportunities, and Groups Housing amplifies this. Living in a coliving space often means living with people from diverse backgrounds, which can lead to valuable connections both personally and professionally.

3. Amenities and Convenience: Many Groups Housing providers in Tel Aviv offer fully furnished apartments with modern amenities. Residents can enjoy well-designed communal spaces, such as lounges, co-working areas, and fitness facilities, all without the hassle of setting them up themselves.

4. Flexibility: Groups Housing typically offers flexible lease terms, which can be a boon for individuals who may not be sure about their long-term plans in Tel Aviv. Whether you're staying for a semester, a year, or longer, there's likely a suitable housing arrangement available.

5. Stress-Free Living: Maintenance and household chores are often managed by the housing provider, leaving residents with more time to focus on their careers, studies, or simply enjoying the vibrant Tel Aviv lifestyle.

SoTLV offers a variety of coliving spaces throughout Tel Aviv, each with its unique charm and character. We focus on creating communities where residents can thrive both personally and professionally.

Groups Housing in Tel Aviv offers an exciting and innovative way to experience the city's vibrant culture and lifestyle. Whether you're a student looking to make connections, a young professional seeking affordability, or an expat exploring new horizons, coliving can provide a unique and enriching housing experience in this dynamic city. With a growing number of providers offering diverse options, Groups Housing in Tel Aviv is a trend that's here to stay, providing a sense of community, affordability, and convenience for those who choose to embrace it.

What Our Clients Say

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one of our clients

Neomi, Taglit Exel

"Our group had an incredible stay! The spacious apartment comfortably fit us all, and the well-equipped kitchen was a bonus. Modern amenities and attention to detail made our trip unforgettable. Thank you for a fantastic experience!"
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